psychotherapist counselor hendersonville ncShirley Nicholson Counseling
Life Coach, Psychotherapist (retired)
Hendersonville, NC 28792

Are You Longing To Transform Your Life – Your Relationships?

Choosing a therapist is an important and highly personal decision, and you may call me for a free 15 min. consultation to ask any questions you might have.

My approach to therapy is personal, warm, down-to-earth, and practical. I believe that all people can achieve personal transformation. I build on your strengths utilizing Jungian-oriented psychotherapy, mind-body integration, hypnotherapy and analysis of dreams.

Most of us have experienced times of trouble in our life when we may be faced with deep personal loss and grief. Or we have escalating conflict and stress in our work or profession. Or a relationship is falling apart. Or maybe we are just not coping with the stresses of life as we would like. Counseling is one of the more valuable tools to help work through life transitions and life problems. I can speak from professional as well as personal experience. I have undergone many of the same stressors that my clients bring to therapy and my own life experiences help me understand and work with my clients’ issues.

I am an experienced therapist committed to my clients’ success. I provide a safe place and complete confidentiality in which to work together. Some comments from my clients are:

“I began seeing Shirley at a time of stress and confusion in my life and I needed wise guidance. With Shirley, I learned to think clearly about the causes of my stress and confusion. I learned a new way to think about and resolve problems that I continue to use in life situations that emerged after I stopped seeing her.”

………a female retired US State Dept. employee

“We came to Shirley with some deep emotional pains. I doubted that talking about facts and our feelings would change anything, but it changed everything. Shirley would often challenge our judgments and fears, always providing her incredible insight and guidance. She is a counselor with innate skill that is her given gift and which she joyfully shares. Our lives now center on a healthier and happier emotional state of mind.”

………a male corporate executive

“I came to Shirley in the depths of depression and a marriage that was falling apart. With a lot of patience, perseverance, understanding and skill, I can truly say that her ability to identify and address my issues probably saved my life.”

………female real estate broker

“I needed help with organizing focus in my life and to be on point. Shirley helped me focus on what’s real, for me. She has always been straight with me, has no agenda for me, other than to help me with my agenda. Shirley has been an uplifting spirit, which helps me as a client reach for my best.

………male public administrator

I especially enjoy working with the following:

  • women and men going through life transition
  • people struggling with depression, anxiety, panic, poor relationships
  • couples who desire to improve their relationship

I work with relationship problems, couples counseling, marriage counseling, including:

  • those with low self-esteem, anger and trust issues, among many other conditions. Please explore my website. Take advantage of a free 15 min. consultation by phone to get to know me personally, or if you would just like to ask me a question.

Life Coach, Psychotherapist (retired) – Hendersonville, NC